Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Advertise on My Blog, Kip --for free!

As I've already mentioned on the facebook page, I would really love to start up some advertising on the blog! Right now, I only have about 2,000 to 4,000 views a month...but I'm working on getting more viewers and coming up with more regular posts.

The Christmas season is coming up, so there will be a few of DIY's coming up (thank you, pinterest, for my inspiration). I'm making Christmas stockings this year, since it's Indie's first Christmas. I've already started working on some projects, and they're actually turning out pretty well. AH, I love Christmas. I feel like there are some really awesome things on the brink of happening, and I hope I'm right!

If you have a blog, Etsy shop, business, website, or whatever that you'd like to advertise here...WELL THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. Of course, I will not be charging for this month, next month, or possibly even longer. However, I, like most other bloggers out there, will not advertise for anything that doesn't fit in with Kip's lifestyle (aka creepy pedophiles, Snookie impersonators, etc).

WAIT FREE ADVERTISING?! Yeah, that's right. Free advertising.

If you'd like to do a guest post-please, do!
If you'd like to host a giveaway-you definitely can.
BUT that's not required, of course.

Message me at for more info!

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  1. I'd love to do a button exchange with you! But I haven't done it before so I don't have a button yet!

    Angie Leberte