Friday, February 26, 2010

A Murderer has Probably Worn My Skirt

I have an infatuation with thrift stores.
Although, it still seems strange, the whole
"gently used clothing thing."
But, it does make you wonder,
who's worn these clothes...because I'm pretty sure
if I knew the answer, I'd be a little concerned...
what if someone killed their cousin while wearing this
adorable, pleated, navy skirt? What if the fabric of this
fantastic corduroy, paisley skirt caused someone to have an
allergic reaction? I mean there's always the possibility that
someone did something obscene while wearing your "new" clothing.
just a thought.

At first, I was a little against wearing shoes that
had already been worn, but, I just can't pass up a good pair of Keds.
I've found a vast array of skirts, dresses, and grandma sweaters
and an occasional piece of random house decor...for my house that
I don't have. Thrift Mart, aside from it's horribly rude employees,
has gold, pure gold in there. Old radios, typewriters, wedding dresses,
Styrofoam manikin heads, photographs of cute black families...the
options for amazing home decor is in your local ghetto, waiting to be

glasses, glorious glasses.

Adorable Black family portrait

great decor, only 2 dollars

Cardboard dresser

Thrifting anyone?
I'll post some more of my finds later, when I'm not sleepy.

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