Monday, March 1, 2010

A Word, from My Elephant Teapot

My room is practically my personality in physical form.
It is me.

I'm not lime green, or large and square. But I'm random and full of Nick-knacks
that don't really seem like they should or do go together. I get the majority of my decor from my grandmother or thrift stores-as stated in the previous post.

Character is a necessity for making the cut of my decor. Take new things and give it your own character you say? I don't want something I have to give character, I want it to already have a story that I'll never know. If only my elephant tea pot could tell me his story. If only....

Here are some quick pictures of my room at a rare state of cleanliness....

Window seat and far end of my room

My bed and shrine to Jim Morrison

A little bit of my art work

I made a makeshift table out of an old set of speakers

I sit here every single morning....i need all the help i can get.

My trinkets (my elephant teapot as well)

I wish I could stay here all day


  1. Yay for beautiful rooms! I love it!

  2. Where did you find your elephant teapot!! I love it!