Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally, a Breath of Slightly Warmer Fresh Air

This winter weather has been making me cranky. Staying indoors and whatnot.
It's put quite a damper on weekend activities. Considering the majority of things to do involve trecking through the elements, it's difficult to find things to do for entertainment.

LUCKILY, it was slightly warmer this past weekend, so the option of outdoor activity smiled in my face.

It's always a good idea to burn calories whilst having fun. Am I right?
Hiking is a perfect way to acheive both fun and health. It's also a cheap date, which you can never go wrong with...

Make your own trail, instead of following one. Pack a lunch, perhaps some crasins, bring a friend, find a nice rock,take a seat, and have memorable conversations.

Carver and I hike

Hiking Boots are scary, i wear these

My dear boyfriend, trying to ignore me

Oh how i love the trees and the sunshine

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