Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Much Green.

It's been too long since I've added a new piece to my room.
So, to make up for my lack of purchase, I stocked up on goodies (circa before mother was born).
Keep in mind that the cheap camera doesn't give the colors the glory they deserve....

This beauty right here is the product of a haggled price. I spotted it and fell instantly in love with this love seat.

But of course, because several new items (including that knitted floral throw) I had to rearrange my entire room.

I added some new artwork, made mostly by myself, but also some record covers....the two lovely green suitcases you see (holding the birdcage and playing the role as a side table) were given to me by my dear boss.

Also, at this nice little Nick-knack store, I found this adorable picture (I adored paper dolls when I was a tyke).

....and some more.

Oh and a shout out to the SAVING WAY THRIFT STORE, that's where I adopted that little green seat for two, and I LOVE IT.

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