Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Developing Collection of Thrift Store Clothing

I'm really ready to put up another post about my room, 
but I figured your eyes would appreciate a break from the harsh green of the walls.

So, something I've been meaning to do for some time, I've put together a collection of all my clothes I've bought from Thrift Mart, Saving Way (thrift store), Hangar Thrift Store, and others...

First of all, I'm going to apologize for the annoying angle of the majority of the pictures, I was using a stand that was attached to my shoe holder...

This little dress, I have yet to wear, cost me a whole $8 and is probably the most expensive item, clothing wise, I've bought that's been used.
 Can you say, "I love the 90's?"
 From the little girls' section...apparently it has a matching one for the mother too...
wonder where it is...
 Stylish grandmother. (only the shirt is from a thrift store...)
 Little girls' dress-convenient length for a shirt (shirt only)
 98% sure this belonged to a man with a beer belly in the early 80's, i have it fixed in the back so 
it doesn't look like a bag, otherwise, it's huge.
 High waisted shorts, conflicting pattern, and a vast array of blues. (only the shorts are from a thrift store)

 Another sexy 90's number.
 OoOo corduroy skirt?! and it's paisley. Score.
 Love this lovely velvet jacket.
 Another darling dress from the little missus section.
Boy,do the 90's have some nice jumpers, or do they?

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