Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thinking outside the Moving Picture Box

I had a hard time finding a desk that I actually liked.
Sooooo my first instinct, as usual, was to go to thrift mart.

While there, I sifted through the piles of moldy children's highchairs and decaying shelves only to discover this beauty:

I just didn't like any of the desks, so I figured this nice, old T.V. would work well. And boy does it look neat.

This is just some nice art that I picked up for under a dollar...
Whoooo hooooo.
I seem to decorate like an 80 year old.

My mommy bought me this chandelier for my birthday...
yay for fake birdies.


I spy with my little eye a, once, DIRTY PROJECTOR.

Well my room is nearing the state in which I would like for it to be. There are two walls that I would like to fix up. Two down, two more to go.

An owl clock, birdcage chandelier, a T.V. as a desk, a DIRTY PROJECTOR as table decor,

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