Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Happy Process

Recently, I've been in, more or less, an emotional slump. Perhaps it's hormones.... regardless I need to be cheered up. So here begins my "happy process."

Step one:
Listen to a happy song.
My happy song: Everyday by Buddy Holly

Step two:
Online shopping while listening to the aforementioned song on repeat.

My online shopping now rarely includes clothing or anything for myself, but only for gummy bear.


This so perfect  (if it's a girl...). I just love the hand embroidered birds.
If it's a boy, I would surely enjoy this adorable hand-made sock monkey bedding.
I could only find pictures of the fabric that would be used.

Step Three:
Go thrifting.

You would think that this would be my number one...

HUGE GIGANTIC SCORE! very large bag of vintage quilt fabric! yay crafts!!! (only cost a little over $2)

Another awesome score. Teddy Bear Jack-in-the-box! I LOVE IT. and so will gummy bear.

Final Step:
Paint and organize!
I felt the need to immediately utilize a bit of the fabric I got from Value Village. I Mod Podged some of the painting and made a little girl flying a kite!

My awesome Mother bought this bookshelf for me, and I intend on using it for baby books. I love getting organized!

Process complete. A bit of happiness accomplished.


  1. I LOVE it!! Sounds a lot like my happy process. :) This song is definitely making me happy listening to it. Also, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you!! We are expecting in June and can you believe it's our first BOY!! Number 5. Finally a boy. And. . . we have the same jack in a box. Our girls love it. Glad you are feeling happy. I hope to see you at Angel's soon!