Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Blog Named Kip=My Baby Blog Named Kip

A little over a week until I find out the sex of gummy bear! It's so weird that the little baby couldn't possibly be any closer to me than he/she is now, yet is still a complete mystery. As most of you know, I'M DYING for a little girl, but I will be just as happy with a boy (although, I will have several dresses to exchange...) It would probably be wiser to just wait 11 days to start thinking about names and nursery (aka the right side of my room) ideas.

As you can imagine, I like all the not-so-common names. I just hate the idea of another kid having my kid's name. Since my name's Alex(andra) you can imagine why I would feel that way.
   -in 1992, the year I was born there were about 10, 700 babies in the U.S. named Alexandra-

So far my name choices go as followed: (please no negative comments because I'm naming my baby, not yours)

Girls:                                                       Boys:
October Jane                                          Holden Bryce
Tuesday Lee                                           Grayson Jude
Indigo Leigh                                            Oliver Landon
Olive Elizabeth                                        Max (not Maxwell) Arden

*Note that the names are subject to change because I'm indecisive and I'm also female.


We finally bought our first item of nursery gear! Yippeee.
It's green and brown and has cute little elephants on it. I already set it up :)
As far as bedding goes I'm set pretty firm on wanting this one if it's a girl:
-I don't like pink by itself very much, so I will only be getting the bumper and not the fitted sheet or the blanket.

If it's a boy..I'm still not fully decided because all the things I like are incredibly girly...
I like this one a lot

or this

ahh those are just a few ideas, I feel like my blog is turning into a baby blog....

A week or two ago, I saw on this blog a good crafting idea. Just Deanna is a great blog for kid related crafts or yummy recipes. I made some baby blocks, I used my new cousin Greer's pictures on the blocks.

Deanna's look much better than mine do, but it was a fun project and a good gift if you like doing crafts.

You folks will here from me in approximately 11 days and I will be full of absurd excitement.
Have a nice day!

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