Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Many Decisions (and Words and Pictures) in this Post

Yes, yes, I know, I'm very late on my follow-up post. As it's been made ever so clear if we're Facebook friends, I am having a girl and her name will be Indigo Jane--I have decided.

I thought I was going so good on making decisions, but looks like I have so many more to make.
I'm having an issue deciding between three different bedding choices...
Let's have a good old fashion vote.
Keep in mind that I will only be buying the bumper and not the hideously pink sheets or the unnecessary quilts.
Tell me which one you like!

This one?

This one?

the one I previously posted

Another thing I'm having a really hard time deciding on is whether or not to cloth diaper.

When most people hear cloth diaper they think:

But it's a good bit different now, so stop freaking out.
There are several different styles of cloth diapers, but some of them seem to be more expensive than others or impractical. The most cost efficient kind I've come across, and that I plan on using, is displayed below. 

It's actually quite simple to use, but we'll see if I still think so after Indigo's here...

Disposables remain the popular choice with most moms, and I'm not ruling them out, yet. However, there are two things that I absolutely don't like about disposable diapers. An estimated 5 million tons of waste is distributed in landfills due to disposables. Poor Earth. Then again, I drive a car and usually don't bring my own grocery bags when I go shopping...BUT the fact that really bothers me about disposable diapers is the chemicals. The chemical that is used to make diapers super absorbent is called Sodium Polyacrylate (which is the chemical that caused Toxic Shock Syndrom in past types of lady products).

Cloth diapers:
-Budget friendly. (Up front, the cost of cloth diapering seems a bit hefty--$250-$700 but with disposables I'll spend more around $1500 by the end)
-Less Diaper Rash (the natural fabrics used allow the diapers to breathe better)
-Can be used if I have more children later on
-Easier potty training because the cloth holds moisture closer to the skin

On another, less argumentative, note,
I'm just amazed how fast this whole being pregnant thing has gone by, I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow! I only have like 127 more days left...which is like 18 weeks. For a while, I had myself convinced I was never going to look pregnant, but yet again, I proved myself wrong. 

Thanks for reading my friends,
I'll go ahead and give you guys a heads up...
My next post is more than likely going to be about Indigo, since that's all I think about these days.

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  1. Hey Momma! We use cloth diapers and love them! Go to A Nurturing Moment on Airport and check out all the great options. We use some Bambineo (organic bamboo- very absorbent!), some Bum Genius, and some just plain Gerber prefolds from Wal Mart. It's very economical when you have lots of children! Good choice! :)