Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nesting's Not Just for the Birds

I can't believe I only have 103 (hopefully not more) days until Indigo SOPHIA gets here.
Okay, I promise (fingers potentially crossed) that this will be her name.

I've been nesting a tremendous amount lately...half because it's fun
and the other half because I have developed a terrible case of restless leg syndrome.

So the few things I've done:

Washed all of Indigo's clothes and hung them up or organized them into their rightful drawers,

Cleaned out the closet for Indigo (her wardrobe will be quadrupled by the time she get's here),

Rearranged furniture in our dwelling space,

I still have to find some sheets and bed skirts that I like...

 I use this handy little hanging thing for Indigo's socks and hats.

Received the first baby gift, and assembled it,

and bought two diaper covers.
This is just one of the wool covers I got from a consignment shop (brand new),
Patty the Patchy Bear is modeling it for us.

I still have so much to do, and WAY more decorations to acquire
(although, I really shouldn't spend any money on decor, regardless of if it is under a dollar).
I need to make Indigo's crib mobile and figure out what to do about bedding.

As disappointed as I am, I've decided to not get a crib bumper.
There are too many scary articles about babies sleeping in cribs with bumpers and something terrible happening. I can't risk it for cuteness.
If I do get one, it will be an unappealing/unexciting breathable bumper to prevent her from getting her arms and legs stuck in between the bars (for when she's older, of course).
All of that "which bedding should I choose?" talk was a waste!

I truly need to pick up a new hobby.
My life lately has consisted of internet window shopping and watching "The Pillars of the Earth" 8-part series (which I finished last night).

Internet window shopping is never dull, and always a good time-filler.
Etsy is my weakness (however my lack of debit card prevents me from making the mistake of buying everything I want).

Who can resist a gnome covered baby carrier?! 

In lieu of April fool's day, here is some hand soap, in ALL forms of the title.
Wash your hands with hands!

Anyone who knows me should know that I LOVE rabbits. This little pinafore
is adorable (plus I love her boots).

I've been looking at random blogs (mostly about baby things)
This  blog is absolutely adorable! 
I highly recommend checking it out if you like baby/cute family related things.
I mean come on, look how adorable of a preggo she is!

Another one of my recent obsessions is THIS spectacular spectacle of a blog.
She is by far, one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen! 
She's full of inspiration, amazing photography skills, and one of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen (her husband isn't too bad either).

On a side not from all of the lovely internet obsessions, I am feeling like a gourd-shaped lady. I LOVE being pregnant, actually. It's beautiful, and I'm so blessed to be able to be a part of a miracle like this. It's so funny, It wasn't but 10 weeks ago I was wondering if I'd ever look pregnant. The transformation from 18 weeks to (almost) 26 weeks is crazy! Indigo and I have grown so much after such a short amount of time (and will to continue to grow for the next 14ish weeks).


  1. my goodness, you look so cute! And the entire room does too! You are so creative.. :) :)

  2. LOVE her room!! You're an awesome decorator. I can't wait to see this precious girl!