Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doing Things

Much lighter of a post than last week! and so many pictures.

Less than 10 weeks until my due date, and the view from up here is getting pretty comical.

As I sit in my house, eager with anticipation, I've thought of nothing better to do than clean, rearrange, craft, and sew. Here are a few things I've been up to lately:

Indigo's side is pretty much complete...
I love the "You're my favorite reason to lose sleep." sign. Makes me smile (for now).

My grandmother and I have begun to muster up the courage to sew the crib skirt and bumper (for later) with these fabrics (the one on the left is going to be the bumper, the right is the crib skirt)...

Organized and finished closet (many clothes to come)...

Ordered a few diapers online...
I got most from here for really really really really cheap.

Made a few baby headbands and a tie onesie (as a gift for a friend who's having a boy)...
(the pink one is made out of felt and tights)

and last but not least, made my Mommy a Mother's Day card...
(I used this--video is on the right hand side bar-- tutorial to make it. Don't judge me on how low quality mine is compared to Martha's)

I feel relatively accomplished, but I've seriously got to get better at this whole sewing thing. I have lots of patterns I've found online to use post-baby for myself and Indigo, I just have to wait for both to arrive so I can have something to measure.

I'm really happy with life right now.
70 days to go.

Happy days my readers.

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  1. hey thats a pretty fancy card for homemade! you should open an etsy shop!