Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Ode to the Second Trimester

As the pregnancy is drawing to a close, I can't help but feel a bit sentimental towards my gigantic belly.
I'm really mad at myself for not taking better pictures in the beginning. I MEAN COME ON mirror pictures? What is this, Myspace?
Regardless, here's an ode to the second trimester, my most peaceful three out of nine months.

--Weeks 18 (lol @ my "bump") through 27--

The whole beginning of the pregnancy was spent dreaming of when the time would come that I would actually look pregnant. When I reached 18 weeks, I was convinced that I was NEVER EVER going to look pregnant, but then, BAM 23 weeks (top, left corner) it was obvious. I can't help but laugh at my bump picture at 18 weeks, it's hilarious that I considered that a belly.

I was lucky to never have morning sickness, or really any bad symptoms the whole first or second trimester. The only symptoms I ever had really were extreme exhaustion and restless legs

A few Second Trimester Milestones:

-Week 16: Felt Indigo move for the first time, I was eating a felt like bubbles.
-Week 17: Bought maternity pants (for some odd reason...)
-Week 18: Freaked out because the nurses called me to tell me that my bloodwork was showing that the baby may have Spina Bifida.
-Week 19: Found out that Indigo was going to be a PERFECT and healthy baby girl.
-Week 23: Finally started to look pregnant
-Week 26: Indigo took her first trip to the beach, in my tummy.
-Week 27: Worst foot swelling in the world, couldn't walk.

As enjoyable as those weeks were, I was so glad to proceed onto the final trimester.
One step closer to my little Indie.
However, these last weeks have been the slowest most achy months of my life. I'm trying not to complain, but  I mean...I've gained 28ish pounds so far, that's a big difference on my joints.

I'm really amazed/baffled/concerned/jealous of these girls who are really pregnant and don't look like it. Beyond confusing, where does the baby fit in? Sure, it'd be nice to have a baby and go right back to how you looked before, but then again the bump is the exciting part of pregnancy...right?

Anywho, after I'm done with these weeks, I'll post an ode to the Third Trimester (assuming I'll be able to make time between washing diapers, feeding Indigo, playing with Indigo, taking pictures of Indigo, carrying Indigo, sleeping and then being woken up by Indigo, etc).

--Side Note--
For some father's day "Aw" go over to Aura's blog. I simply love her posts.

In case you forgot,

Happy Monday!

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