Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn Wreath

As time gets closer for Indigo's big debut, I'm finding more and more things I need to get ready. 
I have yet to pre-wash ANY of the diapers I've gotten so far. 
I have yet to pack any semblance of a bag.
I have yet to vacuum my room really well.
I have yet to organize all of my crafting supplies.
and so on...

However, I have made an all-essential wreath for the hospital door
(I know you're all relieved, seeing as how it's the most important item).

These yarn wreaths are all over Pinterest, so of course, I had to make one. 
My lovely lady friend Karla and I had a craft day and made some together.
Go over to her blog and check out her wreath. It's ADORABLE.
Seeing as how I was making mine for a baby-ish purpose I felt like
I had to use baby-ish colors. (Unlike Karla's color choices which scream: "I'm a voluptuous woman, watch me bat my lashes."

Here are a few pictures of my little-lady-like wreath.

I really wanted to get maternity pictures taken, but there's just no way I can justify spending hundreds of dollars on pictures of myself when I need to spend that money on useful things. Like usual, I've taken that matter into my own hands and set up my trusty tripod and used the lighting of my window seat as a prop. The pictures I took turned out alright, they all look similar though...take a gander:

Hoorah for 35 weeks! 
I've been really looking forward to the 35 weeks down/35 day to go and I'm almost there.

Last night, I made the ever-so-terrible decision to watch my guilty pleasure show
"Secret Life of the American Teenager" DON'T JUDGE ME YOU JERKS.
Anyways, as I proceeded to watch it, I got overly worried and became paranoid for hours because in the show, [SPOILER ALERT] the girl who's pregnant ends up having a still-birth.

So of course, this morning, as I wake up, I feel no movement and I convince myself that something has gone terribly wrong. I go downstairs, eat some cereal and wait to see if Indigo moves....Nope no movement. I'm pretty sure it was all psychological, but regardless, I called my doctor and scheduled an appointment. It's hilarious because as soon as the nurse starts to put the fetal monitors on my belly Indigo kicks it off.

*le sigh*
everything was alright of course, and thank goodness.

I can't wait, I'm sure I'll have some lovely stories to report back to you all.

Have a lovely Thursday tomorrow.

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