Saturday, July 30, 2011

Links to Distract

Yeah,'s hard to blog while you have a crying/gassy/upset baby & Indigo falls under each category.

I'll get back to blogger world on Monday. 
In the meantime, I'll attempt to distract you by offering these enjoyable links and a picture of my child in our favorite diapers ♥

Think about what you eat:

found over on Drea's blog
which she found on this amazing daddy blog

Of course, there's always Elsie's blog (I could get lost in it for hours).

Aura's blog  has plenty of aesthetically pleasing posts to tickle your fancy (like this oddly refreshing picture below).

Take a little trip over to Smile and Wave for vintagey goodness.

here's a cute picture of my sweetie pie.

1 comment:

  1. She is SO cute!
    Can't wait to check out your friends blogs!