Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a Week.

It's been an up & down kinda week.
Good days. Bad days.
Boring days. Exciting days.
It feels like there's been a million days.
But there were only seven.

On Friday, we had big plans.
Breakfast at Tiffany's was showing in the park.
So Carver, Indigo, Hollie, Neal, Karla, & I decided we should go.

We got to the park at 7:30.

It was still hot, really hot.
We all sat on a blanket, anticipating it getting darker so the movie would start.
[picture stolen from Karla]
Indigo was awake for a long time.

Indigo got hungry short after.
Nurse in public?
I tried.
Too hot.
I don't know why, but people stared.
Indigo got way too hot and sweaty.
and way too frustrated.
I tried everything to get her to nurse.
She kept pulling away and fussing and crying.
I think we made it through about 30 minutes of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
It was time for Carver, Indigo, & I to go home.
So hot.
So frustrated.
So disappointed.
So tired.

Yeah, yeah I know there's plenty more frustrating outings ahead.
It was just unpleasant & I guess I'm still not used to everything.

Indigo was sad.

No more Mexican food for me.
I don't know if that's the culprit or not...but just to be safe.
She wouldn't eat without pushing away and crying every second (but she's been doing this for a while).
She cried all day.
So, I went to see a Lactation consultant yesterday, to ask about Indigo's fussy feedings and to ask about the little bit of pain I'd been having while feeding her (I figured it was due to hormones & whatnot).
Surprise, surprise! I've got thrush and Indigo has reflux! I knew I had it too easy. No one's allowed to have an easy birth, an easy recovery, an easy baby, and an easy nursing experience! or at least I'm not allowed to...
I got really discouraged.
I was in a pain.
I was frustrated.
I wanted to quit.
I cried (man, I sure do that a lot these days).
But, I'm not going to quit!

I'll admit, I've been getting fairly discouraged about baby things lately.
Sometimes, I feel as helpless as Indie and I don't know how to help her.
I really wanted to start cloth diapering this week...
But I think I'll take one step at a time.
I'm still as ecstatic as ever about being a Mommy,
I love playing with her (for the few moments she's awake).
I love looking at her.
I love everything about her.
I don't love being discouraged by tummy troubles.
and I definitely don't love my Mommy problems.

She's still a bit fussy today, I'm not entirely sure why...
I hope I can figure something out.
Last night, we went to bed at 11, and she woke up once at 3 and once at 5:30!
I was pretty excited about that.

Like I said up and down, up and down.

Now for some ups!

Check out these adorable baby booties my Aunt crocheted!

I was really excited that this adorable size 0-3 romper fit (kinda).

I mean really, look at this adorable ruffled rear.

I love baby hair swirls.

I had the intentions of fitting some craft time in this week...
maybe next week.
I want to start selling things on Etsy, however I'm not sure what to make to sell...

I hope you all have a SPLENDID Monday tomorrow.
Take a nap today, we sure did!


  1. hey-Aiden and i had thrush too ( Sarah Hard also) Aiden also had re flux...
    with the thrush part, ask Sarah to tell u what we used for it to go away. its purple and u put it on u and her and thrush will go away fast also, if u use the desopsal nursing pads that could cause it too, or not have it go away, i used the cloth ones and it felt better and it
    helped the thrush go away faster. as far as the re flux goes, Aiden grew out of it.. so im sure she will grow out of it. any other questions ask, or ask Sarah Hard she helped me through it! hang in there!!! ur doing great.
    --Victoria McPhail

  2. Hang in there and keep your head up. You're doing great!