Thursday, July 21, 2011

Better Days

Yesterday was a good day.
Much better than the day before.

We had a nice night of sleep (still interrupted).
Woke up late
Sat around
Made ironic grumpy faces

Sat on the porch
Played in the Boppy

Ah, relaxing morning.

When it started to cool off a little, Indigo, Carver and I went to the park after stopping by the yogurt shop.
nom nom nom. 
They had thin mint flavored yogurt.

this was Indigo's first trip to the park.
Surprise, surprise, she slept the whole time!

It was nice though.
Still pretty hot outside even though it was past 7 pm.
We walked all over.
Carver pushed the stroller.

We enjoyed the park scenery.

Indigo slept.

Much better day.
We had another nice sleep that night.
She was obviously worn out from her full day of sleeping because as soon as I put on her Pj's and fed her she was OUT and she usually has her awake time before we go to bed.

happy Thursday


  1. Hey !
    Beautiful photos.
    Indigo is so cute :)

  2. Alexandra I love your blog and your baby has the greatest facial expressions! Too cute!
    -Angie Leberte