Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alexandra's No Good Very Bad Day

We're sleep already.

We had a doctor's appointment today.
Today was not a good day.
Before we left for the doc, she pottied on her cute outfit...
and on her pack-and-play...
and on her changing pad...
and on my hands
and it was stressful.

My pediatrician has two separate locations (thirty minutes apart), they alternate which office is open on different days/times.
Today was the day I was supposed to go to the one that's far away.
I did not know today was that day until I got to the doc's.

I travel the distant thirty minute journey.
I arrive to discover a waiting room FULL of sick children.
I sit in the room for an hour.
There's a boy with a terrible cough walking through the office.
There's another boy, sitting next to me, who has a fever.
There are two adorable little girls on the other side of me, grabbing Indigo's hands ooing at how small they were.
Indigo begins crying, she's ready for nursing.
I try and console her with a pacifier (as I'm too scared to nurse in public).
It doesn't work.
I'm still in the waiting room.
I finally beg the ever-enthusiastic ladies at the front desk if I can nurse her in a room in the back.
They tell me there's already someone back there.
I'm upset.
I almost resort to nursing her in a 100% full waiting room.
Thank goodness, they tell me I can come back to nurse her.

As I am nursing my very hungry baby, I'm told it's time for her to go to the room so she can be weighed and such.
--Only good part--She weighs 7lbs 12oz and is 20in long and her big ol' melon has grown 1 1/2 in since birth--
We wait.

Here are pictures of Indigo waiting:

The nurse laid her on her stomach.
I stood nearby.
& then
DUM DUM DUM she get's blood taken out of her foot (she already hates for her feet to be touched).
She cried.
I tried not to cry. I teared.
She cried.
A little bit more mommy tears.
I patted her back.
She cried.
and cried.
(Indigo is not a big crier, so I'm not used to her crying at all)
I wrapped her up in a blanket and tried to console her.
She cried.
She whimpered.
She stopped crying.
She ate a little more.
She cried a little through the whole feeding.
We left.
It was hot.
Really hot.

Oh, I forgot. 
She got called a boy even though she had a bow in her hair and was wearing a dress.

Today was not a good day for us.

I love my doll face baby.
I don't like to see her in pain.

She doesn't really seem to sleep much better these days, but I don't mind anymore.
She's just so squishy and lovable.
I'm tired, but it's worth it.
I get frustrated sometimes.
and then I forget about it two seconds later while I stare at my baby.

My favorite picture from this week:

Here's a cute picture of her first real bath:

Ah, motherhood.

Happy three week birthday, Indigo. 
Tomorrow will be better.
I love you.

♥ Mommy


  1. Oh how I love that second picture of her waiting. I feel like that should be one of her signature looks. Sorry you had a bad day though :( If it's any consolation, my mom said she cried when she took Natalie to the doctor's office to get blood drawn as a baby. She said it happens (of course, by the time Gary and I rolled around she was just ready to get the baby raising over with). Hope tomorrow treats you and little Indie better <3

  2. I found you on Leigh Vs Laundry and came right over. What an adorable baby and what a great mom you are, even though you experienced a "bad day". Things do get better and better and better! Enjoy every "tired" but delightful moment. It doesn't feel like it now, but these months and years pass by very quickly!

  3. Awww - The pictures are adorable! Poor baby having to get blood drawn. I'm not looking forward to that at all. The hubby already told me I'm in charge of the doctor appointments involving needles - apparently he doesn't do well with those. Ick.