Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Complaints} Bad to Good Day

Yay. This semester is over.

So, I had this whole complain post all written out. Ready to post. But then I realized how annoying of a post it was and deleted it.

I'll summarize what it said:
"Boo hoo, life is unfair, waa, community college is boo, I hate everything, BUT BUT BUT WHYYYYY, waa waa waa, blubber, complain."

I came home in a sour mood after my last final exam of the semester.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity (after I typed out the ridiculously long xanga-esq post), Indigo, my mom and I went outside to the park.
It's 70 degrees today!
It felt amazing. It was a most needed bit of fresh air.
I have such a sweet baby.

Indigo rode in the swing for the first time it was adorable ♥
And now, enjoy this cute video of Indigo laughing at the swing squeaking:


  1. My daughter has loved the swing since she was about that age. Her dress is adorable.

  2. Good job staying positive, mama! You made me realize I need to do the same today.
    You do have a ridiculously adorable baby, too.

  3. awe!!!! so absolutely adorable :)