Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Post: Rachel from Ma Famille De Trois

Howdy, guys! I'm so close to being done with this semester. Next week and EUREKA, it's the holidays. My sweet cousin, Rachel has done a guest post for me! Go check out her blog. (Don't you just want to pinch her sons cheeks, what a cutie).

go check out her blog after you're done!

Hey everyone! I’m Rachel. I’m a wife, mom, baker, crafty wreath maker and the blogger at Ma Famille De Trois which means my family of three in French.

I am thankful for my sweet cousin giving me the opportunity to post on her blog. Alexandra and I hadn’t seen each other in almost 10 years until we reconnected through the wonderful world of facebook and blogs. Oh technology! I sure am glad we did because it turns out she’s pretty awesome and so is her precious Indigo!
It was oddly hard for me to think of something good to post for my guest post. I don’t want to let any of the readers down. THE PRESSURE! I came up with this:
It’s called Top 5. Top 5 songs, tv shows, hobbies… a little silly but it will give you a good idea of what my life, and blog are all about.

My top 5 favorite songs (at the moment and a few forever favs) are:

1.       Melt my Heart to Stone- Adele
2.       Control- Mute Math
3.       Ours- Taylor Swift
4.       The Luckiest- Ben Folds
5.       Great I Am- New Life Worship

I have many more favorites. It was actually extremely hard to narrow it down to five. I am married to a musician and I would die without music. My taste obviously varies by my top five choices above. Adele sooths my soul, I am an, unashamed, country music lover. The Luckiest holds a special place in my heart, it was my wedding song. Great I am by New Life Worship gives me chills every time we sing it at church. Powerful stuff!

My top 5 TV shows:
1.       The New Girl
2.       Revenge
3.       Greys Anatomy
4.       The Walking Dead
5.       Dexter

My husband and I watch at least one TV show every night except for Saturday. I feel like our week is incomplete without them. Is that sad? Probably is… Oh well. They make me happy, especially The New Girl. Zooey  Deschanel can always make my day! I sure wish I could afford to dress like her.

My top 5 Hobbies:
1.       Playing with my sweet son Ephraim… That counts right?!
2.       Reading
3.       Baking
4.       Wreath making
5.       Scrapbooking

I’m not sure if playing with Ephraim counts as a hobby or not but I sure do enjoy it. Being a mom is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have the sweetest son and I tend to blog about him frequently.  I recently started making and selling yarn wreaths.  Check out my business page here On those rare days when I have down time I read. Right now I’m reading  The Sookie Stackhouse novel. For those who watch Trueblood, the shows are based off these books. The books are better though!

I hope everyone enjoyed my random rambling of my top 5.
Have a great day!

I'll be back to posting regularly after this week! Also HELLO TO MY NEW FOLLOWERS. Of course I get followers when I'm not posting often. I'M NOT A DUD I PROMISE!


  1. Oh man, that wreath is adorable, Rachel! I've only made one yarn wreath before, but seeing yours inspires me to make so many more. Also, speaking of New Girl...did you see last night's episode?! SO AWKWARD. I loved every moment of it ;)

  2. Aw thank you!! Yes such an awkward episode but so funny. I almost peed when she started chanting... You know right at the beginning. SO funny!!

  3. I love The New Girl! I've heard great things about Revenge, too, but since it's already been on for a bit, I'll probably have to catch up over the summer.