Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blanket Fort and Rainbow Legwarmers

Rainbow leg warmers for rainy days!

I love rainy days. 
They make me want to curl up, drink something warm, and just be happy.
We've had a few needed rainy days here, and I couldn't be happier.
(also, this cooler weather is beyond amazing).

Indigo and I have been doing lots of curling up and being happy, hence the lack of posts lately.
I'm really trying to enjoy every minute with her that I can. She's already 10 weeks old and I just want to savor her relying completely on me. Before I know it, she'll be doing everything on her own.

Today, I needed to get away from the relaxing and get things done. 
I did lots and lots of laundry.
I built a fort for Indigo and I.
I've always loved building pillow and blanket forts.
It seems like another world once you're inside. 
While I know Indigo didn't enjoy our fort nearly as much as I did, I hope when she looks back and sees pictures of our special moments she'll see how much I loved her (and of course I will still love her later on).

How to build the perfect fort:
make sure to have plenty of room and building accessories (like my vintage sheets?)

It's not a fort unless you have a fancy entrance!

You can't do anything unless you can see! Lighting is a must.

Books are always a good rainy day fort accessory!
A little nook is 100% necessary for the fancy fort builder!

We had fun in our fort.
took some naps

stared at the pretty ceiling
stared at mommy

Read some books
(ignore my feet, forts are not always as spacious as you'd like)

and when Indigo decided she wanted to chill in her swing...

...Mommy watched the free episode of The New Girl on her computer!

Good days are good!
I can't wait to build many more forts with sweet little Indie.

One day she'll help me!
Well, hopefully I'll find some time (and interesting subjects) to post!
I'm really trying to spend as much time as possible with Indie (oh internet, how you distract me to no end).

Happy fall weather days!


  1. Good lord, this is so extravagant! Wish I could've joined you two in what I can only refer to as "paradise". Luv u, sugah.

  2. Indigo's "Mia"September 8, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    You have a great start to a book collection for Indigo. I had fun in the cozy, creative fort with the two of you last night.

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