Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stepping Out Saturday {3}

Headscarf: vintage
shirt: target
shorts: wal-mart (!!)
sweater: ?
shoes: target

 Dress: consigned (Old Navy)


We always have such a fun time with Auntie Karla & Auntie Hollie. The whole week it was all Indigo talked about. They're off at college, so it's a treat to see them.

I love my friends. 
We laugh so much.

I'm so excited because I'm going to see them again next weekend (more on that later)!

We had some man ask who Indigo's Mommy was (look at us, Ethnic ladiez).

"Mom's kissing me again."

So, Indie had her first fever. I think it was a cold because I wasn't feeling too snazzy at the beginning of the week. It's so sad, helpless little baby. Man, oh man, does she hate that blue suction thing (she's become all too familiar with it). 

She's starting to 'talk' all the time these days. She never coo's, but just kinda makes noises. My parents joke about how I should put a picture of my face in her crib, because she stares and smiles at me all the time. My brother will walk over and make tons of noise and she won't even acknowledge him. 

I've got to start packing other clothes for her in her diaper bag. Today, at church, she spit up all over her navy dress and it looked terrible, so I took it off. She was wearing a white shirt and a blue cloth diaper. She looked like a boy. I put a bow on her...but still....

We've got a big shopping trip planned for this weekend! I'll report back and let you all know how it went.

Happy Week everybody!
One of my favorite bloggers finally had her baby.
Go look how adorable her daughter, Glow, is here.

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  1. I miss little Indie in my arms :( Counting down the days till Friday!