Saturday, October 29, 2011

My little Pumpkin is Four Months Old!

Even though Indigo couldn't really enjoy it, we went to a local farm and had a cotton pickin' pumpkin pickin' good time. We had our friends Aubrey and her baby (that's exactly a week older than Indie) go with us.  

I was so mesmerized by this adorable pumpkin wall. I want one in my house all year long.

Aubrey and baby Kayleigh (I love this picture!) on the hay ride.
We also met up with another one of my friends, Lindsey (the one I had the rainbow baby shower for). 

Sweet little Zane.

It was pretty chilly, Indigo slept in the sling for a pretty long time. So cozy in there I suppose.

The hayride was enjoyable! Indigo probably could have cared less (picture brought to you by the kind stranger across from us).

We were there for hours! It was kind of ridiculous seeing as how the girls really couldn't enjoy it as much as we wish they could. 

While Indigo slept, I held a bunny and got excited about the rest of the livestock. (Can't stop giggling at my stupid facial expression).

So, as the title of this post states, Indigo is four months old!!! That's a quarter of a year. WOWZA
She probably weighs as much as this pumpkin. 

I went really picture happy with this post! Hope you guys don't mind! I'm excited about celebrating Halloween tomorrow and Monday! It's going to be fun.

Happy Halloween!


  1. aw Tate farms! I went there so much as a kid!
    Great pictures


  2. Sarah and I looked through these and just ooooed-and ahhhhed as usual! You are doing a great job of recording your little doll's life!
    Love your Fall pics! :)